About Us

We strive to exceed our customers expectations by delivering an excellent customer experience.

We are a local specialty coffee shop established in 2012 by two local coffee lovers in their hometown Madinat Zayed City in the Al Dhafra Region, Abu Dhabi UAE. It was the first of its kind in the region. Providing a variety of specialty coffee drinks, a selection of homemade cakes, salads, and sandwiches

What Makes Latte Café Different?

Latte Cafe is a cozy speciality coffee shop that takes immense pride in offering each customer a genuine coffee cultural experience by delivering a high quality of service to our customers

We Serve One of the Best Coffee!

Latte Cafe products include hot and cold beverages, daily fresh salads
homemade sandwiches, and cakes made by our in-house chef. Our employees are well
trained to cater for all our customers needs. Be assured that your cup of coffee is made
from freshly sourced single origin beans selected from various parts of the world
including Columbia, Ethiopia and Brazil. We are looking forward to see you and we
also invite to benefit from our customer reward scheme.

Latte Café History

Latte Café was established in July of 2012, the first of its kind in the Al Dhafrah Region by two brothers in Madinat Zayed City. The nearest coffee shop was about 150 KM away in Abu Dhabi, so these two coffee loving brothers recognized the need for a venue to relax, enjoy a coffee shop experience and bring this experience to the local community. They decided to open local coffee shop Latte cafe which gave everyone in this city the opportunity to share this experience. Since then they have opened up other branches in the region and in Abu Dhabi.

Our future plan

At first we want to expand in the UAE , increasing our brand awareness and then across the GCC region , Latte Cafe vision is to compete with global big brands. The
coffee industry is growing fast and there is a place for small batch local companies in the international market.

Our pledge to you the costumer

We work hard to bring the best service and the freshest products to our customers.In order to achieve this we train our staff up to the best standard and we get our products from selected sources.We always welcome any feedback about our products and services, this will help us to make your experience more enjoyable.

Our pledge to our employees

We provide for our staff the best possible working environment, regular training and an opportunity to grow within the company. We welcome feedback from our employees to improve their working environment and enhance their experience.